Science Fiction - Mostly Military Sci-Fi

I was impressed with John Ringo's  Polseen series:
A Hymn Before Battle
Gust Front
When the Devil Dances
Hell's Faire
even with the story lagging in the last two books.

Even though it is an older book, David Gerrold's
Voyage of the Star Wolf  is an good read.

David Weber is known for the Honor Harrington Series
You should also check out:
Path of the Fury
The Excalibur Alternative
and the Prince Roger Series with John Ringo

David Drake's short stories in Seas of Venus and The Warmasters intrigued me.

I am really enjoying David Sherman and Dan Cragg's
StarFist Series

Take the time to read Robert Frezza's
A Small Colonial War and Fire In A Faraway Place
I don't think you will regret it.

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If you like military fiction, try Scott C. S. Stone's
Song of the Wolf

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