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   C++ Samples
C++ Simple ADSI Sample
C++ ADSI WinNT Create User Sample
C++ ADSI WinNT Delete User Sample
C++ Simple Random Password Generator
C++ Read a File using the Win32 API
C++ Write to a File using the Win32 API
C++ Writing BSTR to a File
C++ Using FormatMessage to lookup errors
C++ Getting User Name from Registry
C++ Create remote machine connection
C++ Break remote machine connection
C++ ANSI and WIDE string conversions

Batch & Windows Script Samples
Batch and Script samples in my Blog
Visual Basic Script Replacement Cipher
Visual Basic Script File Search & Rename
VBS Show Registry Run Key Values
VBS Enumerate Folders and Rename Files
VBS Show StartUp Files
VBS Show Reg Entries with Bad File Paths
VBS Enumerate and Update Files

Windows ADSI Scripts
ADSI VBS List Domain Users
ADSI VBS List Disabled Domain Users
ADSI VBS Check Specific Domain Users
ADSI VBS Disable Domain Users
ADSI VBS Enable Domain Users
ADSI VBS Show User Last Logon
ADSI VBS List Domain Groups
ADSI VBS List Exchange 5.5 DL Members
ADSI VBS Empty AD Attribute

NetWare (NWCOMPAT) ADSI Scripts
ADSI VBS List NetWare Users
ADSI VBS Show NetWare Last Logon
ADSI VBS SHow NetWare Supervisors
ADSI VBS List NetWare Groups

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trace string for tracing Websphere Process Server HumanTaskManager queries

Variable sidebar

Loading external text-file into CS3 TextArea and styling through CSS

Layout 3 columnas

Formating the CS3 TextField with external CSS

Formating the CS3 TextField with internal CSS

C# Launch debugger

CSS: background-color

My_project at 13--9-2010

Colorpicker in Flash CS3 -- Expand colorpicker at mouse-over (not on klick)

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